Growing (with) the firm

by Marie Hanowski, Sep. 08

It is impressive to see how the crypto scene continues to form new sub-sectors. As a result, there can no longer be one universal scholar when it comes to accessing and selecting promising crypto projects. That’s why we at Greenfield support and encourage colleagues to focus on specialist fields that they are most passionate about.

We are delighted to welcome new faces to Greenfield and to see our multidisciplinary team grow, as well as to accompany deserving and loyal colleagues on their personal journeys and congratulate them on their significant development.


Felix is being promoted to Partner

Felix has been with us from day 0. He has played an important role in the expansion of the firm, headed many research efforts, and led fruitful investments into 1inch, Arweave, Colony, Brink, and others. His profound understanding of the opportunities and challenges of DAOs and related organizational forms is precious, especially for the sustainable and long-term development of crypto projects. For us, lasting relationships are key to making this company a success and we couldn’t be more excited about our next chapter together. In his new role, Felix will continue doing what he did and be responsible for further developing our governance strategy.


Jendrik is being promoted to Principal Research Engineer

Jendrik joined us coming from Coinbase to lead our engineering and technical DD efforts back in 2020. Over the past two years, he has worked closely with many of our portfolio teams, set up our validator infrastructure for networks like Nym or Vega, and was also heavily involved in technical research. In his new role as Principal Research Engineer, he will lead technical research at our firm and continue to work closely with our portfolio.


Gleb is being promoted to Principal

When Gleb joined us in early 2021, he brought a keen mind and six years of industry experience which helped us both on the validator side and with the in-depth analysis of defi projects. Gleb has driven many of our DeFi investments since then, including Zharta and Flowty, but also deals like Unbound Nation, Immortal Game, EtherMail, and Q. As principal, he will continue to work closely with founders and play a vital role on the investment team by sourcing and executing deal flow.

Recent hires bring the Greenfield team to 22 colleagues

With Marie as VP of People and Markus as VP of Marketing & Communications, we are strengthening ourselves with experienced managers from the tech and trad-fi industries.

With Karolina as Lead PR & Events, Anies as Analyst, and Felix A. and Christoph as Interns, our international team is growing to 22 colleagues.

As a result, our new office in Berlin-Mitte and our freshly opened location in Hamburg are filling with many new faces from day one.

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