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    Tags: Published On: May 3rd, 2023

    How is Crypto Europe doing? To find out exactly that and take the pulse regularly, we have launched the State of European Crypto Report. The key message of the first edition: Regulation is the core topic for 2023 - and is likely to boost the European ecosystem.

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    Tags: Published On: April 5th, 2023

    While Web2 companies may use many advertising methods to drive users to their services and products, the same tools and strategies often don't work in Web3. This is where DappBack, a Web3-native platform for community engagement and user acquisition, comes in. We are excited to co-lead DappBack’s $2.5M seed round with IOSG Ventures.

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    Tags: , Published On: March 14th, 2023

    At Greenfield, we are committed to supporting the intersection of fashion and web3. This is why we are doubling down on our commitment to the Digital Fashion industry and are excited to share that we led the $15M Series A round in DressX, a fashion tech company disrupting the $1.5 trillion apparel industry.

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    Tags: Published On: February 28th, 2023

    We are excited to co-lead the $7.4M Series A of Mangrove DAO together with Cumberland. We believe Mangrove’s unique approach to a decentralized exchange protocol and providing liquidity opens up a large design space for protocols to build on top.

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    Tags: , Published On: February 25th, 2023

    Web2 Online Dating might be the next industry that will be disrupted by Web3 technologies. In this research article, we present potential key features a Web3 dating service, protocol or offering could or should include.

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    Tags: Published On: January 23rd, 2023

    Paladin is democratizing accessibility to general governance participation by building a one-stop solution for the meta-governance ecosystem of DeFi. It's gaining traction with ongoing innovations, most recently its Warden Quest.

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    Tags: Published On: January 19th, 2023

    Identity fundamentally defines who we are and how we interact with the world. In this overview, we want to share some of the research we have done around this topic. We cover identity and digital identity generally, self-sovereign identity and related concepts as well as blockchain-based primitives such as NFTs in regards to identity and some trade-offs, use-cases and project examples.

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    Tags: Published On: December 21st, 2022

    We are excited to be part of the $7M equity seed round of Foundation Devices. We believe Foundation's sovereign computing platform is critical in empowering users to reclaim their digital sovereignty.

  • _Investments
    Tags: Published On: December 15th, 2022

    We are co-leading the $8M Seed round of Murmur, enabling truly collaborative and asynchronous decision-making. We believe that this project is well-positioned to help organizations become more adaptive and document-driven, evolve their culture, and bring DAO / self-management principles to the mainstream.

  • _Building
    Tags: Published On: November 17th, 2022

    The quest for liquidity among protocols has been one of the major concerns for every crypto startup. This led teams to spend significant amounts on advertising and incentive programs to attract liquidity. As a result, individual users went from protocol to protocol with their liquidity to earn yields from the best incentive programs with very few becoming sticky and permanent liquidity providers. This unsustainable market of incentive programs could now be disrupted - with “Chicken Bonds”, the latest drop of our portfolio company Liquity.


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