Henry Krause

Henry is part of the investment team at Greenfield, supporting our DeFi initiatives, and sourcing deals. Previously he was working for Rocket Internet, leading their on-chain DeFi yield farming activities, and sourcing deals.

Henry is about to graduate from ESCP Business School as a Bachelor in Management.

Publications from Henry

  • _Investments
    Tags: Published On: December 8th, 2023

    We are excited to announce that Greenfield is leading Brahma's latest $2.5M seed-extension round. Brahma has recently unveiled their institutional-grade DeFi management suite for DAOs, DeFi power users, and on-chain funds called "Console". 

  • _Investments
    Tags: , Published On: November 20th, 2023

    Greenfield is leading the latest $7M funding round for Panoptic. We believe that Panoptic is the next zero-to-one innovation in the DeFi realm. By building on top of Uniswap, Panoptic is not only trying to solve the trillion-dollar on-chain options problem but also enabling an entirely new set of possibilities to create novel financial products. Panoptic allows users to short LP positions and to long or short any on-chain asset via multi-leg options. It can ultimately increase the earnings of liquidity providers which deposit their LP positions into Panoptic to earn additional yield.

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    Tags: Published On: January 23rd, 2023

    Paladin is democratizing accessibility to general governance participation by building a one-stop solution for the meta-governance ecosystem of DeFi. It's gaining traction with ongoing innovations, most recently its Warden Quest.

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    Tags: Published On: November 17th, 2022

    The quest for liquidity among protocols has been one of the major concerns for every crypto startup. This led teams to spend significant amounts on advertising and incentive programs to attract liquidity. As a result, individual users went from protocol to protocol with their liquidity to earn yields from the best incentive programs with very few becoming sticky and permanent liquidity providers. This unsustainable market of incentive programs could now be disrupted - with “Chicken Bonds”, the latest drop of our portfolio company Liquity.